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The cover of Sinclair's book.

Nurtured by Nature Photography:  Life Lessons Through My Lens 

is a compelling book of nature photography that masterfully weaves visual and literary art together. Sinclair, an avid nature enthusiast and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, expresses her appreciation for God and His perfect creations by sharing her favorite nature pictures and the lessons she has learned while being mindful in nature. Sinclair psychoanalyzes her life through nature and nature pictures and reminds readers about the importance of being present in the moment. This is an essential book for all who are looking to admire the beauty of nature, appreciate God and His perfect creations, and look deeper into themselves to understand the complexities of life.

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In my book, I share my nature pictures and the lessons I’ve learned from God through nature. The book gives general advice and life lessons. In my blog, I share nature and personal pictures, and discuss how I apply each lesson to my life. The blog is a more personal explanation and elaboration of the nature stories shared in my book.

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