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Sinclair wearing a black dress and black boots, standing on a deck.

Sierra Sinclair Stanford, LCSW


Nature Photographer.


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Welcome to Sinclair's Safe Space!

I'm SiSi; a nature-loving psychotherapist. 

I’ve always used nature to cope with my anxiety & daily life stressors. I’ve been a nature photographer since 2008 & I’ve been practicing in the mental health field since 2018! I received my Bachelor of Social Work in 2016 and my Master of Social Work in 2017 from North Carolina State University, & in 2021 I became a fully Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

In effort to work through my repressed childhood trauma, I combined my favorite hobby with my profession & decided to share my passion & my trauma with the world.

Nurtured by Nature Photography is my nature photography portfolio. My photo book, "Nurtured by Nature Photography: Life Lessons Through My Lens" was written to share my favorite nature pictures & the lessons I've learned from God while being mindful in nature. In addition to releasing the NbN photo book, I wrote accompanying photo blog entries to explain my personal connections to the lessons.

I created Sinclair's Safe Space to bring awareness to the importance of maintaining mental wellness & acknowledging and working through our trauma. Talk therapy is a great tool to have in our mental health toolbox to help us process, manage, and work through our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and emotions. Schedule a session with me to begin the process of unpacking repressed trauma and much more.


This is our safe space.

Let’s work through our trauma together. 


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