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I’m afraid to be near amphibians and reptiles, but I love looking at them. This picture was taken on the back porch of my grandparents’ home. I included this picture in my photo-book because I was happy to finally, finally snap a picture of a lizard. I think this is the plestiodon species. The pictures rarely come out clearly because the lizards always move away so quickly.

I love how Lenny and his family never get comfortable in the yard. I know lizards are defensive by nature, but I thought they’d at least get used to seeing us as much as we used to run into each other. Instead of being sad about Lenny and fam never wanting me to take their pictures, I reframed my thinking. I know Lenny and fam aren’t afraid of me or have an issue with me, they’re just careful of their surroundings and they don’t trust others. How can I not respect that? Maybe if I was more like Lenny and fam, I would have a better time setting appropriate boundaries with people.

When I’m being mindful in nature, I can learn a lot from animals. Lenny and fam taught me the life lesson associated with this post years ago, but it didn’t resonate with me until I became a grown, emotionally scarred, unprepared millennial woman. Just because people seem harmless doesn’t mean I should trust them. And just because I see the same people every day doesn’t mean I should feel comfortable with them.

So, when I was finally able to capture at least a piece of Lenny after seeing him and his family over the years, I was reminded to protect myself and always be aware of my surroundings. I always hope for the best, and try to stay prepared for the worst; calamity can happen at anytime.

Enjoy these cool videos of reptiles and amphibians.

Life Lesson:

· Protect yourself. Be aware of your surroundings.

How I Apply it to My Life:

· I’m careful whose presence I allow in my space, and I’m careful about the spaces I enter into.


· Earthgang – Swivel

SLIDESHOW: Lenny, his family, and a green lizard


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