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Pecan Sunset & Pecan-Bare Sunset.

The tree pictured in PBS is named Tree2; the other tree in my grandparent’s yard is named Tree1. I have tons of photos of these trees. I love putting the pictures in collages and seeing them at their different stages throughout the seasons. It’s like looking at pictures of relatives’ growth over the years.

Tree1 was damaged when I was 9 years old. Tree1 looks like the wind lifted him up and was going to carry him away, but one end of the tree root did not come up from the ground. This left a dent under the area Tree1 is planted. Tree1 is still in the same spot to this day. My grandparents and I use the dented area under Tree1 as a place to throw out scraps and cooking grease. Sometimes we’d see a fox or possum in the hole scavenging around; that’s always cool.

Tree1 still grows and sheds every year; there just aren’t any pecans. I used to wonder why granddaddy wouldn’t just cut Tree1 down but after while, I was glad he was still in the yard. I feel like once Tree1 was injured, he lived vicariously through Tree2 and her pecan productions. Likewise, I feel like Tree1 prepared Tree2 for the time in her life where she would also stop producing pecans.

Tree2 was damaged in 2020. Tree2 no longer produces pecans. Tree2 is still grows and sheds.

I admire Tree1 and Tree2 for just existing. I look at Tree1 and Tree2 like friends who grew up together, worked together, and are now spending their retirement days together. I admire Tree1 for his strength throughout the years of still growing even though he is no longer producing pecans. I admire Tree2 for still growing beautifully despite being severely damaged twice in one year. I wonder how Tree1 and Tree2 feel as a non-pecan producing trees. Like, isn’t the purpose of a pecan tree to produce pecans? If the pecan tree is no longer producing pecans, what’s their purpose?

I’ve learned a lot from observing Tree1 and Tree2 over the years. I was really sad when grandma told me about Tree2 being damaged. When I visited home and saw Tree2 for myself, I didn’t feel any emotion; I was given a life lesson instead. I saw Tree2 still beautifully existing with her green leaves. Tree2 assured me she was just fine exactly how she is currently. Tree2 shows me she’s not gonna let damage to her body stop her from existing in all of her beauty.

Tree2 is my reminder to block complacency and grow through my pain. I can’t let a little body damage (remnants from injuries sustained in my car accidents) and mental damage (me living in my head and always doubting myself) stop me from existing in all of my awesomeness.

Life Lesson:

· Block complacency, grow through your pain.

How I Apply it to My Life:

· I stay aware of my current life phase while preparing for what’s coming next and also learning from what has already happened.

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SLIDESHOW: Some pics of Tree1 & Tree2.


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