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Ecclesiastes 11:4-5 GNB - If you wait until the wind and the weather are just right, you will never sow anything and never harvest anything. God made everything, and you can no more understand what he does than you understand how new life begins in the womb of a pregnant woman.


· Lauryn Hill – When It Hurts So Bad

· J. Cole - Friday Night Lights Intro

Nature has always been my happy place. For years I’ve contemplated on how I would exhibit my appreciation for God and His beautiful creations. Nurtured by Nature Photography: Life Lessons Through My Lens includes 60 nature pictures and 51 life lessons I’ve been taught from God while being mindful in nature. In this blog, I’ll elaborate on how the life lessons from my book help me manage my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I’ll start by saying that I live in my head. I’m always talking to God and Yah. I’m always wondering “why”. Why was I born? Why was I born to my parents? Why am I always questioning things? Why do I feel like I don’t belong anywhere? Why am I STILL alive? Why do I feel confident helping others solve their life issues when I have so many issues that I don’t even understand? I’m always questioning my actions, causations, consequences, and even my blessings. I’m learning to just take things one day at a time, but it’s hard.

I’ve been on a spiritual journey all of my life. I’m excited about this journey I’m taking as I’m sharing my love for God, family, nature, and nature photography. In my book, I talk about how spending time in nature makes me question God’s purpose for my life. I’m still discovering my life’s purpose, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with nature and nature photography. I failed my clinical social work exam in September 2020. I talked about this in my book, so I won’t repeat myself here. Instead of focusing on retaking the test, I spent hours looking at my nature portfolio. I’ve dedicated my entire life to getting an education. Now that I’ve obtained two degrees and state licensure for clinical social work, it’s time to get back to my first love – nature photography. Throughout my life I've experienced some amazing moments while just being in present in nature. I never imagined I would write a book or a blog. Honestly, I’m just sharing stories about my life, and I'm so grateful to be doing that through God and nature.

Check out my blog for posts about life lessons discussed in my book and to read about the thoughts in my head.

SLIDESHOW: Pictures from the photoshoot for my book cover.

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