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There’s literally beauty in everything. Grandma taught me to appreciate God’s works. I would compliment a flower or a tree and the first thing Grandma would say is “uh huh, that’s God doing, beautiful”. As I grew older, every time I saw something beautiful, I realized my first reaction or comment would be “that’s God’s doing; beautiful”.

When I first started taking pictures, I quickly realized the importance of angles in pictures. It’s funny how many times a family member has asked me what I was doing when I was taking abstract pictures. I’d show them the pictures and their faces would always respond before their mouths. They’d say “really, you’re taking pictures of a leaf” or “wow, you’re different for sure”. Lol.

The life lesson from ABSTRACT is more of a reminder from grandma; always appreciate God’s work. So for this post, I’ve included some of my favorite abstract pictures.

FEATHER IN WATER: I wanted to touch it, but it was too far away, so a picture sufficed.

LEAF: the leaf and raindrops are amazingly beautiful on the blue canvas (car).

FROZEN BANANA: why did I freeze a banana? Because I wanted to see what it would look like. I was very pleased with the results, too. And, the edit makes the banana look more mysterious. Very cool.

ANT HOME: I’m not the only one who destroys ant farms, am I? I don’t do it nearly as often as I used to because I realized I was destroying the ants’ home. I love watching the little critters work together. We could learn something from ant colonies.

AMSTER-BERRIES: I bought these from a grocery store in Amsterdam. I just had to take a picture of them because they looked so beautiful and pure. They tasted amazing, too. I was so happy about these strawberries, I ran to my friends and told them to try one. I dropped the container of strawberries on the street before anyone could taste them. I was heartbroken. I rinsed off the berries and ate them anyway (so out-of-character for me, lol).

MAP: I took this picture while on an airplane. I don’t know where it is. I’ve tried to find it on the map to no avail.

S-DNA: In my biology class during high school, our college professor taught us how to extract strawberry DNA. I repeated the experiment at my mom’s house one night and decided to take a picture. Strawberry DNA looks cool.

WILTED: My pops buys my mom roses often. If I’m at the house when he does it, he’ll give me a rose from the dozen. I tried really hard to keep this rose alive. It wilted so I sat it outside to get sunlight. I took a picture of it in portrait mode with my iPhone. It looked cool.

HEARTNEST: “it’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”. Do you see a heart or a nest? Does it matter either way?

Life Lesson:

· Appreciate God’s work; it’s uniquely and abstractly beautiful.

How I Apply it to My Life:

· I take pictures of any and everything.


· Wiz Khalifa – Up

I like listening to Kush & OJ when I’m being mindful in nature. This is one of my favorite songs from the project.

SLIDESHOW: natural abstract art


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