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I was a fresh graduate school graduate when these pictures were taken. Since I was still unemployed, I visited home very often. It was a beautiful day at my grandparents’ home, so I walked outside with my camera. There were so many butterflies outside! I think they were happier than I was about it being such a beautiful day. I began snapping away with my camera because I knew I would get at least 1 awesome shot; I got like 10 awesome action shots that day.

I was filled with so many happy emotions while capturing these beauties. They were happily playing with each other and didn’t have a care or concern in the world. They weren’t thinking about bills, how they’re no longer going to get a financial aid refund check at the beginning of the semester, or how they’re about to enter adulthood forreal forreal. As I walked around the front yard snapping pictures very quickly, I was reminded of when I was a little girl and didn’t have a care in the world. I was reminded of the fun my friends & I used to have before we had to “grow up”.

Seeing these butterflies having so much fun with each other reminded me of some great times I’ve had with my friends, Te’ & Rita. I thought of them because we’re all from Hyde County and have been friends since we were very young. We used to have so much playing with each other at each other’s’ homes. We had the tree to climb and yard to run around at my house. At Rita’s house, we had a swing set to play in and yard to run around at. Te’s house was really fun because in addition to running around the yard and swinging on the tire in the tree, her siblings would often play with us.

Te’, Rita, and I were the only black students who remained in the first round of the early college program at our high school. It was comforting to be in the minority with 2 of my closest friends; it made our college experience less overwhelming. Our unique situation always gave us another memory to add to our years of friendship. Out of the three of us, Rita was the only one that earned an Associate’s Degree simultaneously with her high school diploma. Not surprising; she’s always been an overachiever.

Instead of focusing on how I needed to find employment soon or stressing about the next stage of my life, these butterflies gave me feelings of comfort, happiness, and security. They made me feel assured that I wasn’t running out of time to “grow up”. The butterflies distracted me from worrying about transitioning from being an immature college student to an unexperienced adult millennial. Seeing these butterflies having fun with each other on such a beautiful day gave me the simple reminder about being carefree and having fun with people you love. I’m grateful for every opportunity I get to spend with the people I love. Te’, Rita, & I are long overdue for a link up to add more unforgettable memories to our vault.

Life Lesson:

· Great memories are made with people you love.

How I Apply it to My Life:

· I make memories with my loved ones every chance I get


· Wiz Khalifa – Still Down (Ft. Chevy Woods & Ty Dolla $ign)

SLIDESHOW: Te’, Rita, & I


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