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A three-headed flower, that’s unique. This picture reminds me of two unique characteristics in my life.

Mowing grass. I learned how to mow the grass on a riding lawn mower when I was 12, maybe younger. Granddad used to make my uncle do it (he’s 5 years older than me), but never me. I felt left out. One day I asked granddad if could mow. He hit me with the “the mower might be too fast” and “you don’t know how to cut the corners”. Disrespectful. He eventually gave in though. Mowing became my chore. I loved it. Granddad would mow the corners of the yard and let me do the rest. He told me to keep the speed on the turtle, but I would always push it up to the rabbit (if you know, you know). When I got older, I asked granddad to let me cut the entire yard alone. I did well, but not as good as he would’ve. Maybe twice a month, I looked forward to putting on a bunch of clothes, spraying on a bunch of OFF mosquito spray, and making a playlist on my iPod to listen to while I cut the grass. Good times. I’m way overdue for mowing a yard or two.

Granddaddy. This picture reminds me of my relationship with granddaddy because I knew either he or I would mow over this flower soon.

Your father is supposed to be your first love, right? Well, for a while I considered granddaddy to be my father. I was a little girl; I wanted my dad around. But my dad wasn’t around; granddaddy was. I liked calling myself “granddaddy’s little girl”. I was spoiled by him. Anything I asked him for, I got it.

Granddaddy is a mechanic; he has a shop in the yard. As a little girl, I loved being with him in his shop. Not to work on cars or to learn anything about cars, but to play with the tools or to eat the snacks he kept in the refrigerator. When I started driving, I got free oil changes and tire pressure checks from him. He wanted to teach me basic car care, but I told him “nah, I’d rather have you check the car for me”. Lol. That backfired greatly when I went to college. One time I drove all the way to Engelhard (a four-hour drive) with my tire pressure light on and asked him to check it for me. Of course he did it, but he reiterated how I needed to learn basic car care and told me to stop at an auto shop next time. Lol.

When I was in my first car accident, granddaddy was the first person at the hospital to see me. It was madddd early, like 5am. He drove 45-minutes to be with me. He walked in, looked at me, and said “hey baby”. I could see the sadness in his eyes, but I can tell he was trying to be strong for me. So sweet. After recovering from my second accident, I had to get the external fixator removed from my pelvis. Granddaddy was right there, holding my hands as the doctor unscrewed the hardware from my body. He helped keep me calm. Grandma was standing by, occasionally peeking at what was going on through her fingers, and Aunt Nadine was holding my feet. Lol, those women are hilarious.

Back to granddaddy. Our relationship is unique. He loves me like I’m his child, and I love him like he’s my father, but I’ve always felt that extra piece of love that comes from a grandparent, ya’ know? Fathers punish their children, but granddaddies don’t, or at least mine didn’t punish me. I’ve set my bed on fire; didn’t get in trouble. I hit a deer with his car and totaled it; didn’t get in trouble. And I’m sure I made him late to work a few times because I took too long in the bathroom getting ready some mornings; he never yelled at me. Why?! Because I’m granddaddy’s little girl.

This cell-phone image is the picture that convinced me to turn my nature photography hobby into a nature photography business. I was 14 years old when this picture was taken. I guess it wasn’t my time then. I feel like it’s my time now. Ecclesiastes 3.

Life Lesson:

· Appreciate the unique characteristics of everything.

How I Apply it to My Life:

· I no longer question the “whys” in my life; I just appreciate things for how they are.


· Otis Clay - If I Could Reach Out (And Help Somebody)

Granddad’s favorite song.

SLIDESHOW: Pictures of granddaddy + me.


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