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This picture was taken the same day as BESTIES. I was already overjoyed because of all the amazing butterfly pictures I had captured; so I was just snapping for fun when this beauty was taken. Compared to the other pictures, this one was on the bottom of the list for my portfolio because of its blurry areas.

One day while going through my pictures, I decided to edit this one with some simple computer edits. I was listening to Drake’s album, “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”. The out -of-focus green leaves in front of the blue backdrop reminded me of a jungle illusion, or maybe I thought of the jungle because Drake kept saying “she’s from the jungle, she’s from the jungle”. Regardless, I think this computer edit is dope.

While I was editing this picture, I went down the rabbit hole getting lost in my own thoughts; per usual. I thought about how if I wasn’t the person who captured this picture, I would have no idea where it could’ve been taken. I thought about all of the amazingly beautifully nature sceneries I’ve seen in my life, and how many beautiful scenes I’ve yet to experience.

No matter how much I edit my nature pictures, there is no amount of editing that will ever out-do God’s paintbrush. I love being in nature. Spending time in nature is so relaxing and therapeutic for me. Adding this picture to my portfolio is another simple reminder that beauty is everywhere in nature.

Enjoy these videos.

Life Lesson:

· Beauty is everywhere in nature.

How I Apply it to My Life:

· When I’m outside being mindful in nature, I remember I can find beauty anywhere.


· Drake – Jungle

SLIDESHOW: Pictures from jungles.


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