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POSTED and SPOTT were captured when I lived on Lost Lane. I don’t remember why I walked outside the day this picture was taken, but I remember this bird. I’m used to animals being snobby and not letting me take their pictures, so I was prepared for this guy to fly away as soon I was too close for his comfort. But he didn’t fly away. I thought it was strange, but I went to grab my camera anyway.

Although I was happy to have an impromptu photoshoot with the bird, I was also greatly perplexed. The bird was really posing for me like he wanted a photoshoot. He let me capture him from different angles and even patiently waited for me to adjust my camera settings. The bird and I had a great photoshoot before he flew off with a friend. The way the bird was posing reminds me of how Chamberlainn poses for the camera when we have photoshoots.

Chamberlainn & I lived together on Lost Lane. I first introduced him in my blog post THE ONE, and again in INTRO. I stayed under Chamberlainn and my other cousins when we were younger; I call them my big brothers. He’s a great basketball player, and I’m not just saying that because he used to break my ankles on the court; bro can really ball. Chamberlainn is a great rapper too; he’s been rapping since I was in middle school.

When I first got my camera, Chamberlainn let me record him playing basketball, making music, and just goofing around so I could have video content to practice with. I made like 5 videos for him, and we put them on Myspace. Unfortunately, we don’t have copies of the videos, nor can we download them from Myspace. It would be great to see how much we’ve improved in our respective crafts since then.

Chamberlainn and I had a few photoshoots on Lost Lane. I would ask him to be my muse so I could practice getting shots with my camera; he always said yes. He even snapped shots of me on some occasions. When I saw this bird patiently allowing me to practice my camera skills on him, I knew he understood how much I would appreciate the opportunity to work on my camera skills, just like Chamberlainn understands.

So when I look at this picture, I'm reminded of my awesome big bro and the fun we had on Lost Lane. I'm also reminded of this bird's love, kindness, and patience with me. This bird taught me love is a universal language. When the vibes are there and the love is genuine, magic happens. A beautiful lesson taught by a beautiful bird in a beautiful tree with beautiful pink flowers at a home I shared with a beautiful human who has a beautiful soul.

Life Lesson:

· Love is a universal language.

How I Apply it to My Life:

· I treat people and animals how I want to be treated – with love, kindness, and patience.


· Mil Chamberlainn – This Is Not A Love Song

Go stream my bro’s songs!

SLIDESHOW: Chamberlainn & I at Lost Lane. & us as toddlers. (left to right: Rashad, Si, Mil, Rama)


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