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When I saw this picture, I was completely baffled. I analyzed it for so long, trying to see if it was a real or an artificial plant. I was really feeling some type of way because I wanted to know if this was a real plant. I mean, it looked real, but it also looked fake. The flowers were in a pot with dirt, but they felt like plastic. My friends and I left this area before I found out whether or not this plant was real. This made me sad. I’ll probably never know if this was a real or artificial plant. But, does that even matter? It’s just a bunch of flowers, right?

This picture and life lesson resonates with me so much because it sums up my thoughts about life. I’ve previously blogged about how I always question everything (see REFRESH and UNTITLED.UNMASTERED). When I was younger, I was taught not to question a lot of stuff, especially God and His works. After reading The Book of Ecclesiastes, I finally felt comfortable questioning God and talking to Him about my thoughts on my life.

REAL FAKE reminds me that just because something looks good or real, or just because someone looks like they’re doing well, doesn’t mean that’s actually the case. Ecclesiastes teaches me that essentially, while here on Earth, I should focus on myself, my personal development, and my happiness. Instead of elaborating more on my thoughts behind life and this picture, I think this blog post is more deserving of chapters 4 – 9 from Ecclesiastes. Click on each chapter to read them, or watch the video for a book summary.

Life Lesson:

· Looks can be deceiving.

How I Apply it to My Life:

· I take life one day at a time. I question, overanalyze, and overthink everything. I’m slow to judgement and I don’t become envious of others.


· Drake – Energy

We played this album a lot during this trip; I overplayed this song.

SLIDESHOW: Real fake-looking pictures.


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