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When I was a little girl, I used to focus on the craters of the moon with my telescope. I was certain I would step foot on the moon one day (see PEDESTAL). I became interested in taking pictures of the moon when I bought a 500mm lens & a 650mm - 1300mm lens.

I’m a natural light, nature photographer. I put off learning how to shoot in manual for almost 10 years. I realized I wouldn’t be able to take clear pictures of the moon without learning how to shoot in manual mode. It took some practice, but I’m proud to say I’ve mastered taking beautiful nature, people, and moon pictures while operating in manual mode. Once I realized I was getting better at taking pictures of the moon, I decided to start a moon series of some sort. I started taking pictures and videos of the full moons at the end of each month.

I love walking outside and being surprised by a bright, beautiful moon; I light up like a little girl. I like snapping pictures of the moon at 87%, 96%, & 99.6% full. Seeing a full or partially full moon reminds me I’ve made it to the end of another month. In the words of Grandma Dawn, that’s a blessing. Being reminded the end of the month is near also allows me to reflect on what went well this month, what didn’t go well this month, and what I need to modify the next month.

So, when I created this college of the moon at three varying levels of fullness, I was given the simple reminder of how beautiful the moon is. Tonight, the moon will be 99.6% full’ maybe I’ll snap some cool pictures. Bond with nature and the moon for 30 minutes tonight. Relax. Be mindful. Talk to God. Listen to God’s voice through nature.

Life Lesson:

· The moon is magnificently beautiful.

How I Apply it to My Life:

· I spend time with the moon often. I focus on the moon’s beauty and listen for God’s guidance.


· Lil Wayne – Stuntin’ (Ft. Drake)

The first song I heard Jimmy rap on, he mentions a blue moon.

SLIDESHOW: The Moon & My Moon Edits.


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