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Scenes like SKY FLY always warm my heart.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always admired how well the beautiful blue sky complements the leaves and flowers on the mimosa tree in my grandparents’ yard. The day this picture was taken, I was in the back yard looking for a muse. It was such a bright, beautiful, and warm day; I just knew I’d find something beautiful to capture.

As I walked around the yard, I felt peace, I felt solace, and I felt grateful for my life. I was grateful to be able to experience such a peaceful scenery in a peaceful place. My grandparents’ home has always been my safe space. Hyde County has always been the quiet place I can visit when I need to get away from city life and my adult responsibilities. It’s hard for me to stress about worldly things while being in such a beautiful, peaceful environment.

Being mindful in nature in my grandparent’s yard and around Hyde County as an adult means so much more to me now than it did when I was younger. As a child, I would just admire the scenery and continue playing or whatever I would be doing. As a teenager, I would admire the scenery and take dozens of pictures. As an adult, I love admiring the scenery, snapping pictures, and appreciating God’s creations. I’ll sit outside for hours just staring at the clouds, trees, animals, and whatever else catches my eye.

When this picture was taken, I noticed how big, bright, and blue the sky was, and how small and thin the clouds were. The sky looked like a painted backdrop in the sky. I noticed the dragonfly in front of this “backdrop” and knew I found the muse I was searching for. Every time I see this picture, I get those same happy feels I had when I first captured it. SKY FLY is my simple, beautiful reminder that Earth is God’s canvas.

I challenge everyone reading this to spend 30 minutes outside on a sunny afternoon admiring God’s beauty in nature.

Life Lesson:

· Earth is God’s canvas.

How I Apply it to My Life:

· I like focusing on God’s creations and appreciating His attention to details.


· Michael Jackson – Earth Song (watch the video here, it’s as beautiful as the song)

SLIDESHOW: God’s artwork in Hyde County

Nia captured picture #3. Read about her here.


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