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In my book I explain how grandma is partly responsible for my interest in nature and nature photography. I’ve always been grandma’s girl. I love bonding with grandma in nature; whether that’s us sitting on the porch, visiting Lake Mattamuskeet, or just riding around Engelhard. Grandma taught me a lot about nature, but the most important gem she gave me was to always appreciate God’s creations.

When I was little, I used to be in the yard with grandma while she was caring for her rosebushes. Grandma taught me how to care for flowers, how to distinguish weeds from baby trees, and how to properly plant flowers. When Monroe (my dog baby, rip) came into our lives, grandma and I spent a lot more time together outside. The three of us would walk around the yard admiring the flowers, butterflies, and whatever we would discover in the yard.

Taking pictures of and with grandma has been a favorite hobby of mine before I received my first camera. I love taking pictures of grandma; before church, during family occasions, and especially when we’re outside near a beautiful nature scene. Grandma loves acting like she doesn’t like being in front of the camera, but I know she does. Lol.

When grandma’s mother, Aggie, passed away in 2008, I wasn’t worried about how grandma would get through it because she had her sister, Elaine, her brother, Eugene, her twin sister, Doris, and granddaddy to lean on. Aunt Elaine passed away in 2015. Losing her was tough because she was the backbone in our family but again, grandma had granddaddy, her brother Eugene, and her twin sister, Doris, to lean on. She had Monroe to lean on, too. When Aunt Doris passed away in 2019, I was worried about well grandma would cope. Of course, granddaddy, her brother Eugene, Monroe, and the rest of the family were here for her, but I was concerned with how lonely grandma would become. My worries increased after Monroe passed away in 2020.

With grandma no longer having her sisters or her dog with her, I try to love on her a little harder now. She has granddaddy, her brother Eugene, and the rest of the family, but I know she greatly misses her mom and sisters. She also has another puppy; his name is Buttons. Sometimes I ask grandma to take my camera and take a picture of me or of something in nature. I was very happy when she decided to take a picture of flowers that are my favorite color. I asked grandma to pick a name for the best picture she snapped; she chose the name snow cone. So, that was my reminder from nature of how sweet grandma's love is. I’m so grateful God blessed me with Grandma Dawn; my favorite girl.

Life Lesson:

· Grandma’s love is sweet like a snow cone.

How I Apply it to My Life:

· I get tons of grandma’s love as often as I can, and I give grandma tons of my love as often as I can.


· Brian Courtney – All I Need

Grandma likes this song.

SLIDESHOW: ME and Grandma. Photo creds on the flower: Grandma


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